So you want the brand equivalent of the sexy little black dress, and the perfect shade of lip puckering red lipstick? For your business to have that certain, Je ne sais quoi…., Right?

Consider me your Spiritual Seamstress and Business make-up artist. AKA FairyBrand Godmother, and Money Manifesting Pixie.

Stick with me, and you will have a drop dead gorgeous brand, with killer copy, that leaves clients begging to work with you.  Hence, making you the BIG MOOLA. I’m mean, let’s get real, you want to make more money, right?  I mean, why else work your tail off in a business unless it fulfills a need of your Soul, and manifests into your Desires? And let’s just put it out there, you CAN be Spiritual and Rich.  So don’t get stuck in your old money stories.  You can be both.  Permission granted.

Welcome in the perfectly branded business that brings you cash.

Ready?  Me too! So how do I create your curve hugging, perfectly cut, beautiful dress, er um, brand?

You, and YOU the Soul, are a unique, perfect and complex blend of gifts, passions, strength, weaknesses, talents, grace, charm and quirks. So bottle that up, and you have a sexy brand. Easy, peasy!

Don’t worry, I’ve got a process. We will get to know you better than you know yourself right now. Because we use Soul. I’m Psychic, and I tap into you, your Genius, your SOUL, and I get you.

Your SOUL, is the ticket to your success! And brand, and marketing, and everything!

I use your Soul gifts, and Soul make-up in combination with your archetypes, passions, business and what you do to create a brand that effortlessly attracts clients to you, because it resonates with them on a deep level.


Because you are not selling what you do, you are selling who you are.

This is marketing 101.

People don’t buy your product, they are really buying you.

And they choose You, because well, they just like you. Not the other girl, but you. They love YOUR dress, and YOUR shade of red.  It is law of attraction.

Your buyers don’t know this consciously, but they respond to it consciously.

So your brand MUST reflect YOU, and all of you! So you can’t just jump on some trend band wagon, and expect amazing results.

This is Soul Couture. We are going to whip up a unique and beautiful brand that is YOU, and only YOU. The one that makes your perfect client drool and say, I must work with her! NOW.

This what you want, yes?

Here is what we do: You and I meet for a VIP Soul of your Brand (Virtual) day, with one 30 minute follow up.

IN this time you get the basics of your Abundance Code, your Soul gifts and your archetypes so that your brand is on point and really is YOU. We put together the Soul of your Brand!

You get to meet, your SOUL. And your brand new brand!

Neat huh? Hello you!

We align your marketing, and get cracking on copy.

Why do I do this when you just want branding and web design? Because I’m psychic and a bad-ass Soul marketer, and this is how I do it so that you will succeed. And because a successful design and business MUST resonate with who you are at a SOUL level to attract abundance. And this works even if your business is already doing well!

IT can be better, the more you let the REAL you out, the more you stop playing small, in all areas, of life and business. A brand that really shines the truth of you, ALL of You, and all the things you think people will judge you for, will attract the perfect clients, and create abundance. All my design start with this VIP day. And in them you get:

  • THE steps to be the confident, money making, people helping rock star you long to be.
  • How best to structure your business and offerings to make you mad MOOLA
  • basic packaging and pricing set up
  • Make sense of your quirky traits- Who you are at Soul level
  • Why you like what you like- Your Soul Group
  • Why you act how you act- Your Soul gifts
  • Branding archetypes-  what they are and how to use them
  • Bye bye small you! Hello the you living your dreams!
  • Get unstuck, get clarity, get confidence in you, your business your purpose
  • Energetic statement of your business currently
  • Soul aligned copy created
  • 30 day follow up 30 minute session😉

After this reading, you will have some homework to create a pinterest board to show me visually, how you see the world and how the true you shows up. Then, I start your brand. With Soul, marketing genius, and copy as well. What you get in total:

  • A pretty, money making business identity.
  • You get to hang out with me,  spirit, have coffee and talk about you.  Align your Business energetically, align you energetically. Fun!
  • Priceless information about how to manifest more money ( Who doesn’t want THAT?) Not the just ask and receive hocus pocus, real actionable steps to create money! ( I repeat, priceless)
  • Priceless information about your Soul.( again, priceless)
  • Priceless information about how to create a thriving business around what you want most, freedom, fun, and money!( I’ll say it again…priceless)
  • A drool worthy website that actually converts traffic into cash.

And you also get these actual things 😉

  • a text based logo
  • The Soul of your Brand completed
  • a pdf of your style guide
  • a pdf of your color board
  • a facebook header
  • an email header
  • business cards
  • a pdf template
  • graphics for your website created
  • A self hosted  wordpress site that is beyond YOU and beyond gorgeous( web design optional and extra)

This is for YOU if you are:

  • More than a pretty face
  • You want more than a pretty brand
  • You want to touch the lives of those you can most help
  • You want to compensated for changing lives in the unique way you do
  • AND you are willing to make GIANT shifts to get there.
  • You know you don’t need a pretty brand to manifest what you want, but let’s face it…
  • You want a pretty brand!


The Soul of your Brand  and web design  package  investment  is $4500 pay in full.

Payment plan options are available.

 But I don’t just let anyone buy it.  Why? Because as an Alignment coach and designer, it is important that our styles and souls have resonance.  So set up an appointment for a free Branding Breakthrough Session and let’s see if this program is right for now.  If you don’t hear back from me in 24 hours… email me at because forms can go wonky! Below this you can see some other Soul aligned web design to see if you like what you see. 


Just want a Brand without the website, no problem!  Your investment is $2500 pay in full ( payment plans are available)

Sign up to have a conversation with me about your needs and wants and we can decide if this is what you need.

Take your branding archetype quiz HERE.