I’m Jenna Yamasaki.

I’m a Spiritual teacher, alchemist, psychic, Wife, Mom of 3 kids, 3 cats and 4 chihuahuas, and I help women in business create what they want.  More money, more impact, a life of joy and freedom!  I do that by clearing out why you are holding yourself back.  Because the truth is you are powerful beyond measure.  The truth is you have magic inside of you.  You are Divine, You are a star wrapped in skin!  And it’s time you become it in every way possible.  You are awesome, amazing, and you can have the life that you dream of. 

I can help you, not because I am so special, but because I’m really good at seeing through the stories that you tell yourself and getting through to the root cause of why you don’t yet have what you want, or why you have pain, or why you hold on to weight… because  the truth is you are not those things. 

The truth is you can be, do and have everything that you want!

I’m really good at seeing the Divine perfection in you, and helping you to step into it, and into your magic.

I realized (very slowly haha) that I had this gift when I was a young chiropractor.  I’ve perfected it, and I’ve also put myself through a ton of shit and come out of the other side.  I committed to becoming a master manifestor.   I’ve studied, I’ve been certified in many things, I’ve practiced and practiced and practiced, and now here I am. I am an energy healer. I clear out what is not serving you so that you can become your higher purpose. I clear out the limiting beliefs keeping you small and keep you not making the money you want.  I give you the confidence that you have seeked outside of yourself.   In the end, you come out confident, certain of your magic, more abundant, shining and serving the world your magic, and therefore, creating the life that you knew deep down that you could have.

Since this is supposed to be my “about me” page, here is my life of things that might make you feel better about working with me haha!

  • psychic
  • Chiropractor
  • kinesiologist
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Emotional healer
  • Certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach
  • Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach
  • Certified Universal Life coach
  • Soul Realignment Practitioner
  • Evolutionary Astrologist
  • Tarot reader
  • Alchemist
  • Witch and Woo woo
  • mother

I’m not special, I just see the light in you that you don’t yet see. 

If you want to find your inner magic, I can help you do that. Because you are, in fact, magical. 

Become the alchemist of your life. Isn’t it time to get what you want?

You can start out by taking your Wealth Achetypes Quiz if you want to start on your journey to self expression, or if you know you want to work with me to create more wealth, better health and a joyful, luminous YOU, let’s chat over coffee in a breakthrough session to see how we jive together.   


xo    Jenna



I had been curious about evolutionary astrology for some time and was quite amazed at how it lined up with other spiritual development modalities I’ve experienced. It felt very accurate regarding the makeup of my personality, mental patterns and soul information. I recognized traits within myself which were laid out very clearly in my reading, and I came away with a deeper understanding of myself, which is a valuable validation of my own inner knowledge.


Working with Jenna has been one of the most profound experiences in self-knowledge I’ve had yet. She helped me to uncover and acknowledg another facet of myself I had been hiding and guided me in weaving it into my work. In fact, the focus of my work has shifted to reflect this change and I’m super-excited to be setting off in that direction. She constantly but gently urges you out of your comfort zone and into inspired action.  Taking responsibility for your own power is scary but ultimately immensely rewarding. There is no going back!


Wow. Gobsmacked. My session with Jenna was life-changing. She cracked me open and saw right into my core, my soul, my purpose, my truth. I felt so inspired, joyful and moved after our session, thanks to gaining so much clarity about myself and the workings of my inner spirit. I feel more sure than ever that I am on the right path, which has given me the courage to take huge real world action, and yet I am still able to relax, trust and enjoy the journey!