Are you ready to step into your most Wealthy, Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful self?

Because let’s be honest, your life, weight, health or bank account might look less than Divine, right?

I know you….

  • I know you try to control everything, but you are tired… but what if you lost control? What would happen then? Wont’ the world crumble? 
  • I know you look in the mirror and pick yourself apart.
  • I know you’ve tried diets, and the weight comes back.
  • I know you kick your butt with workouts but you never truly see the results you want. So eventually, you give it up. OR you just tire out of the “have to” and go back to doing nothing, because, why bother?
  • I know you tend to be all or nothing, yo-yo weight, or feast and famine, right?
  • I know you’ve done the fad “give up something” like sugar… only to un-give it up eventually, feeling like a failure, again.
  • I know you have a love/hate relationship with money AND your body.
  • I know your body is manifesting your emotional beliefs through physical symptoms like excess weight( or under weight), fatigue, headaches, pains, auto immune disorders, hormone problems, mood swings, bloat, bad skin, lack luster beauty, aches… this list goes on and on…

And you could also be experiencing these things….

  • Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income or health to a new level!
  • Feeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving success in money or weight
  • Avoiding looking at your bank account or ‘dealing with money’ or your reflection in the mirror
  • Making “just enough” to get by, no matter how successfully your career or your business is going
  • binge eating or spending
  • feast or famine in money, yo yo dieting , or weight loss and gain 
  • Feeling resentment about wealthy or fit people, believing their focus on money/health  is unhealthy
  • Undercharging in your business but you can’t see how you could charge more
  • Constantly dieting or restricting or binging with food
  • Controlling your budget until you binge spend and then feel guilty
  • A love/hate relationship with your body and bank account
  • Fearing you’ll have to work harder to make more or lose the weight, which keeps you stuck where you are
  • Yearning to make more money or be thin but afraid it might change who you are
  • Holding back from investing in ways to help your business or health  flourish
  • Being secretive about money or food as a way of feeling safe and in control

Your body’s behavior and your money are just the symptoms….. NOT the cause!  

If you really want to change your body and bank account, for GOOD, you have to change your story, your belief system, and the way you are currently BEing.  

When you do that,  align to your truth, and what you want, can finally take form.  

When you embody your True Inner Goddess, your Divine Figures will show up!


The TRUTH really is this.  

  • I know that what you seek above all else, is Joy. That is your purpose. NO amount of money or weight loss or muscle tone can bring you what you truly seek, which is Divine connection, love and self acceptance, and peace within.
  • I know that what you seek, is within.
  • I know that YOU are the MAGIC that you seek.
  • I know that in alignment, self acceptance, and love, you will find it all. All your dreams will come true, the weight effortlessly comes off( yes that IS possible), the money shows up with FUN, and you realize none of it mattered anyways, because you had already surrendered to what is.

Divine Figures is not about changing anything about you, BUT EMBRACING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU so that you become your most beautiful, radiant, LUMINOUS, joyful YOU. 

You SEE……

The ONLY person that can make you feel beautiful… IS YOU.

I was told I was beautiful my whole. damn. life. By everyone. Family. Boyfriends. Friends. Strangers.

I NEVER believed it.

I silently compared myself.
I silently hated everything about my Soul Container.
I wished I was Taller, blonder, and more tan.

Until I realized. I was given THIS container, to fully rock it out. I wasted almost 30 years wishing I was something other than I was.
What a Gosh D#$% waste of time, that as T Swift so well stated it.. I could have been getting down to this, sick beat.

I COULD have been having fun.
I could have been radiating JOY.
I could have been loving.
I could have been dancing without fear of judgement.
I could have been believing in my own magic.

I’m not going to shame myself or feel bad about the time wasted( I USED to do that), BUT I am going to live every day and fully Shine in my God given container instead of wishing I was something else. I’m going to live in my own Magic.

I am the celebrity of my life from now on.

I don’t compare myself to anyone.

It’s like comparing a hummingbird to a flamingo. I was a hummingbird wishing I was a flamingo. Why?

WE are all people, but none are alike, there is NOTHING to compare.

WE are all our perfect Soul expression. AND the more we love it, the more we own it, the more we become it, embrace it, allow it, and LIVE life fully without shame, rules, good, bad, the more beautiful and alive we become. NOT because anything changed about your container, only because EVERYTHING IN your container changed.

The only perception that matters, is YOURS.

Change how you SEE yourself, and how you see yourself, will change. I’ve done it many times. I’ve had blonde hair, red hair, dark hair, tan skin, big butt, small butt, big boobs, small boobs( thank you pregnancy haha), and NONE of it matters, and NOTHING changed. The only thing you can control is how you SEE you, and how you FEEL being you. And LOVE, and JOY, conquers all.

You might as well live it up. It’s all you have. You might as well treat it well. You might as well love it. You might as well allow good things to come to you. You might as well love. You might as well take the leap. You might as well laugh at yourself. Life is way more fun less serious!

Isn’t it time that you became the Celebrity of your own life?
Isn’t it time that you Illuminated Joy?
Isn’t it time that you loved you?
Isn’t it time you let your dreams come true?
Isn’t it time you had Soul Esteem?
Isn’t it time you radically accepted YOU and unapologetically let YOU shine?

IF you are waiting to be thinner, taller, blonder, richer, more in shape, liked, loved, until you feel JOY AND LOVE then you will forever be chasing a ghost. What you want is already here, and your’s to claim.

When you do, you find the magic that was there ALL ALONG. You were perfection, all along.



This is why I created Divine Figures!   

The magic begins when you sign up!

The program begins November 7th!

( We don’t have content calls the week of thanksgiving or Christmas, BUT we have support calls)  


I’m Jenna, and I’ll be your Divine Figures guide.  I’m the wealth and health  alchemist, and I want to teach you how to embody that for yourself too! Manifesting wealth and health is not hard, and together we will let go of what is not serving you in your  story so that you can become the powerful creator of all your desires.

The path to more abundance in body and bank account, is actually, the road back to Soul.  It is about Illuminating all that is YOU, and finding acceptance, joy and love within, which then allows all you want to just show up, like Magic.    The Divine within you is abundant, and ready to surface.  I’d love for you to experience this for yourself! 

If you are ready to become the most joyful, powerful, healthy, beautiful and abundant version of yourself, then welcome to your new life! You can have it all!  And it can be easy and fun!  

If you feel a mix of utter excitement and YES but then nervousness, like O NO, I can’t…… then I assure you that this is the place for you. 

If you want what you say you want, then take the plunge into Soul, say yes to you, and welcome in your true, abundant self, Joy Lux Style. 

See you on the other side! 


Divine Figures is for you if you are ready to find the Magic within, fully accept who you are, and step into your true Power, beauty, and Goddess that you are.  

Divine Figures was Divinely given to me.

AND it is the sum of how I’ve been able to help myself ( an clients)

  • heal anorexia/ bulimia
  • lose weight
  • find alignment with money 
  • creating a love business
  • get over depression and suicidal thoughts  to find JOY
  • learn to truly love my figure and stop hating my body 
  • to treat myself with love and kindness
  • to stop taking myself and life so seriously
  • to get over anxiety and worry non stop about everything…..  
  • and so many other things I’ve created over the years….. my soulmate, dream homes, cars, large sums of money out of nowhere, almost tripling my husbands income in a matter of weeks … but this isn’t about ME, this is about YOU.

This has been my journey over the last 15 years, and today, it is DIVINE TIME that I share it with you.

This is NOT a formula( we all know those only work for the person doing them), this is ALIGNMENT.

AN individuated experience for those willing to say F*&^ IT, I’m done dieting, I’m done hating, and I so WILLING TO SEEK JOY and allow the MAGIC that is ME, to finally show itself in my life. I’m ready to drop the baggage I have been carrying, and be FREE. TO BE ME, and allow my Divine Figures to show up. .


Who would you be if you ALLOWED your Divine Figures to show up?

What this IS?

An alignment experience that you will use the for the REST Of your life to create whatever you desire in body and bank account over 8 weeks.

Alignment of body, mind and soul AND the tools to re-wire yourself for whatever pops up as the onion peels.. as the layers of gunk show themselves… you will know what to do! Forever!

What is is NOT?

A quick fix, a band-aid, a diet, a fad or a magic pill.

You can’t sign up thinking “this is IT! This is the program that is going to make the weight stay off, the money flow in… ” I guarantee when you put your faith in anything outside yourself, you will fail. You ARE the magic beautiful. End of story.

BUT if you sign up knowing that YOU are magic, and you are so damn tired and sick of not believing in YOU, and being mean to you, and you are just ready to Love you, once and for all, no matter what the numbers say, then this is the experience that will help to transform you from the inside out when you show up.

When you believe in YOU so much that you are willing to give up and give in, to let the confidence you seek SHOW UP. Then this is for you. This is the experience that is going to help you to align to the truth, love, beauty, joy, and power within, that was there the whole time!

This is for you if you are ready to fully develop your Soul Esteem and change how you show up in the world.


It’s time to BE the most Divine version of you and let your Divine figures show up.

As A Result Of Divine Figures…

You can be happier. You can be more positive. You can feel a surge in your self-worth and  Soul Esteem.

  • You can allow you Divine Figure to show up with ease, joy, and love.  

  • You can have confidence in your body AND bank account.

  • You’ll know how to trust your body and your intuition once again.

  • You can have more money and energy  for the people, experiences and desires you want in your life.  

  • You can get out of feast and famine in your body and bank account.  Get rid of binge eating or spending for good! 

  • You can feel empowered to make new choices that make you happier, healthier, and in alignment with who you really ARE.  

My work with Jenna has made some drastic improvements in my life.
One of the most amazing changes is the release of a demon that held onto me for over 30 years.
I struggled off and on for a 30 year period of time, yes thats right 30 years, from 21 until 53 with bulimia. Sometimes just the mental aspect, sometimes the full blown disease, but always there, hiding in the back ground and affecting every moment of my life. I always knew this problem was keeping me from making the forward movement I was so hungry for in my spiritual life, but could never seem to just let it go. I was too embarrassed to seek help from the medical profession and my family was in the dark.
In several of my sessions with Jenna it came up, along with the reoccurring theme of not being good enough, of trying my entire life to please others, and of always always holding myself to a standard higher than I held any others.
On February 13th of this year I awoke with the knowledge that I was destroying myself one day at a time by holding on to this demon. It was not keeping me thin, I was at close to the heaviest I had been in my life. It was not making me happy, in fact, quite the opposite, it was causing me to judge myself even harsher. And so I let it go. Just like that! It was gone.
Four months out and the thoughts are gone, the physical desire to purge myself, (literally and figuratively) are gone. What was left is the desire to be the best me I can be. The desire to improve on the already wonderful and amazing me, because as I had been telling others for years, God does not make junk. It was time I listened to my own advice.
Jenna thank you for your help in getting to the place I was finally ready to let this demon go and soar like the amazing spirit I truly am!

Jenna Yamasaki’s system for reclaiming your wealth situation is empowering and magical!  I was blown away by what I discovered about myself through working with with Jenna on my money archetypes.  Different things came to light that I had no idea were sabotaging my money-making mojo! But a session with powerhouse, Jenna really cleared things up.  It’s been weeks and I am still feeling the effects of her powerful coaching! 
Lauren Kay Wyatt

Love Psychic and Renegade Coach

Here’s a sampling of the modules in Divine Figures!

 Kick Start Module-  Re-set your Fitness thinking

  • Change the way you think of fitness FOREVER
  • re-connect with your body
  • Learn the SERET NOT SO SECRET method to burn fat
  • learn how to think differently about your body start moving it with JOY
  • Learn how your mind plays a part in your look

BONUS  Module #1 Intuitive Eating

  • Let go of your CONTROL and listen to your body
  • Learn how to eat for YOU so you never have to control… AGAIN
  • eliminate food cravings and binges

BONUS  Module #2 Re-think food

  • learn the 3 p’s to help you adjust to your Divine lifestyle
  • eliminate cravings and binges by re-wiring what you think about food

BONUS  Module #2 Shift your relationship with Money

  • learn exactly what money wants from you… so you can have a better relationship with it!
  • re-wire yourself to think completely differently about money and your bank account


Module #1 Grounded- Re-connect with your Body( and finances) 

  • Discover exactly how to move your body, with a unique formula to re-set your body into alignment, burning fat, and getting you back into your Divine Figure with ease and JOY!
  • Eliminate negative self talk and find the joy and love within for your FIGURE
  • learn key tools to trust your body again
  • Intuitive eating guide
  • intuitive MONEY guide
  • Learn how to re-set money metabolism so that you stop the feast or famine 

 Module #2 Desire

  • This module is all about MONEY
  • Learn how you see money to create powerful shifts in your relationship to money and everyone else
  • Create powerful MONEY boundaries
  • Re-write your money story
  • Remove unconscious money blocks
  • Learn how to clear money blocks 
  • BE in a whole new ABUNDANT way

 Module #2 Power

  • Let go of your CONTROL and surrender to JOY
  • Eliminate the “all or nothing”  
  • End feast or famine in your bank account
  • End binge eating cycles
  • Surrender to Being 

Module #3 LOVE 

  • Get the most effective way to break through and eliminate old negative feelings 

  • Learn the MAGIC tool for always staying in JOY and LOVE
  • Forgiveness, finding the LOVE for yourself , money, and body againBegin to transform fear and doubt into aligned, authentic confidence, and LOVE, trusting yourself when making new money or food  choices

 Module #5 Authentic YOU

  • Pinpoint exactly where the wealth and health  leaks, drains or blind spots are in your business or body that are silently robbing you of self-worth…
  • Step into YOUR most aligned self expression
  • Conquer Soul Esteem
  • Discover the secret behind creating  boundaries that increase cash flow (and give you a healthy increase in self-respect in the process)
  • Step into your true style, beauty and self expression so that you feel aligned, confident and Luminous!

 Module #6 Intuition

  • Figure out what all your “symptoms” mean
  • Understand your body and cues
  • Understanding how intuition is your ticket to massive money success
  • Know how to intuitively eat and give up the food battle forever.  
  • learn to trust yourself with money and investments
  • learn how to listen and trust your intuition

 Module #7 I AM

  • Create your new I AM 
  • Keep BEING in the way aligned to your inner Goddess with Divine Figures
  • learn how to stay out of your Shadow side
  • Learn to use wonder not worry to re-wire your subconscious for success in all areas


After working with Jenna, I felt like a weight had been lifted from me. It was if I was more connected. I had a sense of clarity and certainty that I was on the right path.

 We received a bunch of calls for new patients and all of them signed up for care.

I feel more certain that success will be steady and less of a roller coaster. I can have the practice that I want.

I feel more connected to money as a reward for my service to humanity.

Our numbers are up and I’m not feeling desperate to take every case. only if it’s a fit then great.



Jenna- since our abundance call a couple of weeks ago where you led us on working with our relationship to money, two major things happened for me:

My sister took me on an all expense paid girls trip and got us the best suite at a luxury hotel and paid for dinner and shopping.

My Mother In Law came to visit and decided we needed help with cleaning. She ordered a maid service to come and do a full cleaning every other week!

BOTH of these things were things I was hoping for – a luxury trip out of town and help around the house.

This is some serious Woo Woo MAGIC!

I’ve done many abundance exercises in the past and your’s was one of the most profound I’ve ever experienced.


Evolutionary Astrology, Radiant Astrologer

Your investment in your own Magic – EARLY BIRD RATE- is



2 easy payments of $288


Early bird ends on October 31st at 12pm central.

You save $111 for saying YES to your Magic right away! 

I’m giving you Giving You Peace Of Mind…I’m Taking ALL of the Risk
with My “Make You Happy” guarantee.

W-O-W! I’m still totally blown-away by the session we had the other day. Working with metaphors, diving deep into feeling what your heart wants. You get to feel what your heart want to tell you and how you can strengthen yourself. This was a very powerful experience! It felt a lot lighter after the session and I can absolutely recommend her! Thank you so much, Jenna, you are wonderful!

Bea Tucker

Jenna,  This sounds great.. but how do I  know that this will work for me?

The truth is,  you are 100% responsible for your results.  And taking that stance, will change you! Be 100% responsible for you and your results and that alone will create magic for you! 

I KNOW that if you show up and do the work, you will shift, and create what you want.  IF you do it.  If you have failed in the past, that’s ok!  WE all have.  But the only thing to ensure success, is to NOT QUIT.  If you want it, keep going. This work worked for me, and it’s worked for others who committed to it.  SO if you are feeling it, go for it.  I assure you, that if you do not stop, keep going, commit to change and getting what you want, that you will get it!

You’ve got nothing to lose, except weight.  And Everything to gain, like LOVE and JOY!

It’s time to bet on you beautiful.  The Divine has your back.  

BUT… if you are truly not happy with the program, and have done all the work, SHOWN UP, got coaching, and  you still don’t think it was way worth the value you paid, then I will refund your money.  Just give it 21 days.  After that, if you can show me that you actually did the work, put in the effort to shift, participated in the group and on Facebook, then I will refund you the money.  



    • Group kick start  call
    • kick Start Re-wire your fitness brain
    • Activation kick start
    • MODERN MAGIC beginner foundation course

So, are you ready to have the body and bank account that you desire?  

Let’s do this!





Your investment in your own Magic – EARLY BIRD RATE- is



2 easy payments of $288

Who would you be if you ALLOWED your Divine Figures to show up?

Are you willing to let the Divine show you the way, because if you surrender, your mind will be blown, and life will exceed your limited expectations…. promise!

Divine Figures is for those Goddesses ready to HAVE IT ALL.
Whatever that looks like. For the Goddesses ready to give up control, and find that their true POWER is so much more beautiful than they ever imagined.

JENNA, this sounds AMAZING!  BUT I’d like to have all the attention to myself, instead of group coaching…… is that possible?  

Yes! I do have 4 spots open for private Divine Figure coaching.  You will be in the group PLUS have an Illumination Intensive( a powerful clearing and activation from your akashic records) and 2  1:1 kinesiology sessions to help you power through your personal beliefs about wealth and health, to reveal your most luminous self ever! 

IN your private time, we will dive deeper into your abundance code, your soul purpose, any present or past life money or health blocks and how to specifically address and transform them using soul work and kinesiology, in addition to the amazing coaching you receive with the group! 

If you would like THIS in addition to your group, enroll below or email me at if you have questions!