Joy Lux Designs

Joy Lux Branding accidentally happened to me.  By no accident!  I created a brand for my business Bestie, and then people came swarming to me!  I had no idea what I was really doing UNTIL afterwards, when I became a Certified Branding with the Archetypes coach.  I realized that  I was creating a Soul aligned Brand, in such alignment with the person that even she wasn’t ready to be that version of her yet, and one that left other people saying, I want what she is having haha! 

So now I use your Brand archetypes, and your Soul Code to create a brand so abundant, joyful and magnetic, that you will wish you had done it sooner! 

I see you.  I see the parts of you that you don’t see yet, and I Illuminate your Magic so the world can see you too and come get some of that Magic!

So my design studio was born, and is an intricate part of Illuminate, and Business Aligning. 

So you want a brand that is so YOU that it makes you more money, attracts the perfect client to you, and that you adore, and is so beautiful  you leave behind brand shame for good? 

Right on Beautiful, it is about time your brand illuminated your inner beauty and your Joy and Wealth Code. 

We were taught to design a brand for your clients, but actually that is backwards, design for you, to reflect you, and then the perfect clients show up, like Magic.   Joy Lux is Magic, well, because YOU are magic. 

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