Why not wear your Magic?  Why not wear your intentions? Why not help spread Magic, Love and Joy around? 

Magic fashion is the way to wear your woo, embrace your magic, and spread cosmic pixie dust everywhere you go. 

Luxe garments, enchanting words, soft fabric, body enhancing cuts make you look beautiful AF, while celebrating who you are.  Because you are Magical, Unicorns are real, and Fairies are everywhere.  The world needs more light.  Be it, wear it, spread it.  

What I Do

What makes a garment beautiful? The woman, of course!  And my design process is driven by that. Fabrics that feel good against the skin, hues that you’ll have trouble choosing between, fits that bring confidence, and words that invoke magic.  

Love + Magic Fashion 

Magic fashion in love + joy or Magical AF.  

Magical AF Summer

Love + Joy Summer


Gilbert Az



M – F : 8am–5pm

Sat : 11am–6pm

Sun : Closed