Imagine for a second……

You spend your days relaxed, free of worry about money or whether or not it will show up on time.   You know the Universe supports you, and what you need, and want,  always shows up.  You feel Joy most of the time, accept when you don’t but you KNOW that emotions are a tool and so you don’t fret about negative emotions at all.  You feel purposeful.  You feel in flow and take action with ease on inspired thoughts.  You understand why things are the way they are, and that you can change anything and create anything.  You live totally in the now, and life is well, a pretty cool playground and experiment. 

This could be you, instead of worry, panic, fear of demise, fear of money, fear of (insert random thought), lack, wishing and hoping, instead of knowing…. I totally get it.  I’ve been there.

What is Modern Magic?

Tools to create the state of mind and being that ignites miracles.  Where Practical meets magical. Where Soul meets alignment and births dreams. 

This is not vague, generic ” think happy thoughts” bullshit.  This is not “make a dream board and imagine yourself in it daily” bullshit.  These are the real concrete exercises, Universal laws, mindset shifts and actions that got ME out of Queen of Negative Nancy and Worry ( and believe me, I THOUGHT I was super positive haha).  This is not information.  This is actionable, practical steps, that when followed, with persistence, trust, faith, and consistency, will create Magic and your world will begin to transform before your eyes. This is life by conscious design. 

I know what you are thinking… yeah right, I’ve taken tons of classes and nothing works.  Magic my foot. 

Yeah, I get it.  My life used to be anything but Magical.  But I chose not to give up.  I KNEW that there was Magic inside, I knew that I could consciously create what I wanted.  And I found it.  And I can teach you how to align and find your magic as well.  This is not hocus pocus.  Consciously creating is something we were all born to do.  It is your Divine right to create what you wish. 

I assure you, Magic is Real.  It is already within you, and I can help you to cultivate it and grow it so that you can create a garden full of flowers instead of weeds. 

The webster definition of magic:  the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

My definition of magic:  Aligning your inner world, to create your outer world. 

Magic is not something you learn…. it is something you  BECOME. 

You are a powerful creator.  And whether you realize it or not, you are always co-creating either consciously or unconsciously! 

Modern Magic is designed to give you some practical tools to consciously create a solid foundation of magic, and the miracle and wealth mindset that is required to harness your magic and conjure up the reality that you are really desiring, consciously co-creating with Spirit.  Every. Single. Day.

As above, so below. 

The truth is that we create what is our inner state, we don’t create what we want. It is a Universal law.  So in order to create what you want…. you have to manage your inner state!   It sounds exhausting, controlling our thoughts!  That is what I used to try to do!  Or to push away the “bad” feelings…. it isn’t about that either.  But it IS about shifting your perspective, your perception is EVERYTHING. 

What you focus on, expands. 

Modern Magic is the basics of Magic and manifesting ( or conscious creating  I more prefer to call it), a 4 week course on creating an inner wealthy, free, and joyous YOU.  And when you do THAT, all the things you want…. wealth, love, clients, health, etc.. show up like MAGIC!

Why Me and why you?
I spent YEARS studying magic and manifesting, literally going on 13 years now, and these are the tools that I learned that helped me shift out of chronic depression, suicidal thoughts, chronic worrying, lack mentality( literally fearing financial demise and filing for bankrupty 10 years ago), totally broke, eating disorders, drug addiction TO being happy almost all the time, settling into my perfect weight even after 3 kids, aligned health, relaxed, creating my own income, feeling free, being a mother of 3 and a wife to my Soul guy( I manifested him too), manifesting pretty much what I want, when I want it! ( EXCEPT when I choose NOT to take action on intuition.. because I do that too sometimes haha).

Right now?
There is no better skill in the human experience than to master your own ability to create.  So you can keep slumming around letting life happen, or you can grab it by the balls and start creating more JOY, FUN, and WEALTH.  SO the sooner the better really.  SO yes, right now.

Will it work for you?
Well I hate to inform you…. but you are Divine, and you have the same God given gifts as anyone else that is here.  So YES, it WILL work, when YOU work it.  Modern Magic is tools in your toolbox.  Will you become a millionaire overnight?  Probably not…. so if you want a magic pill then please don’t sign up because this will not be it. 

BUT if you are willing to go on a journey to shift, to align, to embrace ALL of you, to shift your mindset ( even if you think it is already good, trust me, the proof is in your life), then Magic will work.  IT takes time to become the bigger version of you , so stick with it, and YOU will work.  I promise.

It may take longer than you like, but you always get what you need.  Plant the seeds and they WILL sprout.  But nothing will grow if you don’t plant anything.

What if I don’t like all your hocus pocus stuff?
No worries, if after the first module, you find this isn’t for you, and you have done ALL the work, attended the calls, and participated, and you still find that the Modern Mindset tools of Magic don’t help you, then I will give you back your value invested. 

I can’t show up live to the callls…..
No worries!  Everything will be recorded and sent to you.  It will be like magic, you can listen to the call whenever you like 😉

How long is it again?
We have  kick off activation call prior to the start date ( to be announced) and the course itself is 4 weeks.  I don’t want to overwhelm you, and I want to give you the FOUNDATION of Magic, upon which to build upon. 

So what is unlocking your Magic worth to you?  What price tag would you put on your dreams?

Your investment for stepping into your inner Magic? 

Your investment $188


The course starts Jan 8th. 

So what have you got to lose? Nothing!  Really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain like Joy, wealth and health!
Your investment:  $188

Don’t wait! 
Can’t wait to see you in the group! 
p.s if you have ANY questions, please feel free to email me at and I’ll get to you within 24 hours.