Let’s get you what you need most. 

Your Own Magic.

You get to be the alchemist of your own life.

The secret Elixir is YOU. 




I know you….

  • I know you try to control everything
  • I know you look in the mirror and pick yourself apart
  • I know what you want isn’t showing up
  • I know you are trying really hard
  • I know you don’t really feel confident in your body OR your business
  • I know you have a hard time charging for your work
  • I know you tend to be all or nothing, yo-yo weight, or feast and famine, right?
  • I know you put everyone else first
  • I know deep down you aren’t happy
  • I know you are looking for external validation for your worth
  • I know you compare yourself to others and feel low self worth
  • I know you’ve done all the “right” things in your business and body, yet it doesn’t work
  • I know you have a love/hate relationship with money AND your body
  • I know your body is manifesting your emotional beliefs through physical symptoms like excess weight( or under weight), fatigue, headaches, pains, auto immune disorders, hormone problems, mood swings, bloat, poor sleep, bad skin, lack luster beauty, aches… this list goes on and on…
  • I know you don’t really know yourself, because you are hiding in plain site
  • I know you aren’t really in your power, and  you can’t seem to manifest anything right now
  • and you wonder if it could EVER be different….

And you could also be experiencing these things….

  • Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income or health to a new level!
  • Feeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving success in money or weight
  • Avoiding looking at your bank account or ‘dealing with money’ or your reflection in the mirror
  • Making “just enough” to get by, no matter how successfully your career or your business is going
  • binge eating or spending
  • feast or famine in money, yo yo dieting , or weight loss and gain 
  • Feeling resentment about wealthy or fit people, believing their focus on money/health  is unhealthy
  • Undercharging in your business but you can’t see how you could charge more
  • Constantly dieting or restricting or binging with food
  • Controlling your budget until you binge spend and then feel guilty
  • Fearing you’ll have to work harder to make more or lose the weight, which keeps you stuck where you are
  • Yearning to make more money or be thin but afraid it might change who you are
  • Holding back from investing in ways to help your business or health  flourish
  • Being secretive about money or food as a way of feeling safe and in control

Your body’s behavior and your money are just the symptoms….. NOT the cause!  

If you really want to change your body, business,  and bank account, for GOOD, you have to change your story, your belief system, and the way you are currently BEing.  

When you do that,  align to your truth,  what you want, can finally take form.

When you embody your True Cosmic Queen, everything you want will show up!


I felt like a weight had been lifted from me. It was if I was more connected. I had a sense of clarity and certainty that I was on the right path.
We received a bunch of calls for new patients and all of them signed up for care.
I feel more certain that success will be steady and less of a roller coaster. I can have the practice that I want.
I feel More connected to money  as a reward for my service to humanity.
Our numbers are up and I’m not feeling desperate to take every case. If it’s a fit then great. -xo

Dr Robyn


The TRUTH really is this.  

  • I know that what you seek above all else, is Joy. That is your purpose. NO amount of money or weight loss or muscle tone can bring you what you truly seek, which is Divine connection, love and self acceptance, and peace within.
  • I know that what you seek, is within.
  • I know that YOU are the MAGIC that you seek.
  • I know that in alignment, self acceptance, and love, you will find it all. All your dreams will come true, the weight effortlessly comes off( yes that IS possible), the money shows up with FUN, and you realize none of it mattered anyways, because you had already surrendered to what is.

ALIGN is not about changing anything about you, BUT EMBRACING EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU so that you become your most beautiful, radiant, LUMINOUS, joyful YOU.

You are a STAR wrapped in Skin. This is Cosmic Bloom.  It’s time to shine YOUR light, in the way only you can. 


When you step into your Divine Figures

  • You can be FREE to be who you are and not need or seek external validation
  • You can BE unapologetically YOU without fear of judgement
  • You will attract ideal clients like magic
  • You will allow money into your life and keep it there
  • You have the courage to speak your truth
  • You know your style and how to look your best
  • You put yourself first aka boundaries are easier
  • Your business SUPPORTS you… not the other way around
  • You can trust yourself, the Universe and your intuition
  • You can show up and serve from an abundant place
  • Work is no longer about the money
  • You can navigate back to happy from any challenge
  • You can rest easy because your live your life from flow, not control
  • You can take action and have more FUN
  • You can allow yourself to finally, feel JOY in all areas

Ready to activate your MAGIC?

ALIGN is a 6 month program designed to transform you, into you. 


The most Free, Powerful, Magnetic, Magical, Confident,  Unapologetic, and Luminous YOU, that you are longing to become, in life AND business.


Your Investment


or 6 payments of $1100


  • take confident action  toward your dreams
  • start letting money come to you EASILY
  • work less but make more ( yes, you can)
  • Feel confident in who you are, your path and your intuition
  • Fully rock your Goddess status
  • Be seen without fear of judgement
  • let your Divine Figure show up, hello HOT STUFF
  • Let your Divine Figure show up, Hello BIG BANK BALANCE
  • Attract ldeal clients like a magnet
  • Have more love in your life
  • look better, feel better, and feel HAPPY?  Joy anyone?  
  • Shine baby shine, have more FUN in life and business 
  • truly feel aligned and manifest like the Magic Maven you are


THE DETAILS: How it works

You pay.

You schedule our first session which is 2 hours. (the remaining are 90 minutes bi- weekly)

You fill out your prep form.

I send you a link to ZOOM.

You show up every 2 weeks.

You get seen, heard, and unblocked.

You work on what we talk about to get you into your Power, and Magic.

You have full access to me during working hours, the entire time for emergency coaching and clearing.

You leave each call feeling empowered, with clear steps in alignment with YOU and your business,  and a new level of trust in YOU and your process that you have never experienced.

You rock your own world.

You start making MAGIC.  

You feel better, you look better, you feel happy, you look HOT, you nail your style, you make more, you BE more, you attract clients, opportunities, and your desires.



From the first minute we started talking I loved Jenna’s energy. I had been working on my money blocks for a while and I needed guidance. I found it hard to charge my clients and kept attracting only free ones. Jenna was compassionate and yet straight to the point, opening my eyes to what/how I could change. She planted a seed and less than two weeks later, I received money and a new computer out of the blue, I sold the first video of my online course to 4 people before I even launched it, and I got new coaching clients! Talk about releasing blocks! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

Thanks, Jenna!