Let’s get you what you need most:  

Confidence and Clarity.

Right now you:

  • Aren’t making the money you want to make..MONEY BLOCKS?
  • Feel stuck, don’t trust yourself or your manifesting process
  • Feel unhealthy
  • Feel like you don’t know who you really are
  • Want to do your purpose, but you aren’t quite sure about it
  • Want to make more money but nothing is working
  • You feel bad charging for your services, but have no problem paying others
  • You’ve done all the “right things” but you feel more confused than ever
  • Honestly, you are nearing burn out
  • Honestly, you aren’t really that happy with your life, business or body
  • You have put yourself last for a LONG time chasing money and a business
  • You have been hiding who you really are, even from yourself
  • You long to be seen, heard and to make a difference in the world
  • You want to be supported as you support others

The solution to your problems is simple.  YOU.  

You are the magical answer.  And in this session, that is exactly what we uncover.  

Who you are, and why you aren’t being HER.  Yet.  This is Cosmic Bloom. 

Your Investment



I felt like a weight had been lifted from me. It was if I was more connected. I had a sense of clarity and certainty that I was on the right path.
We received a bunch of calls for new patients and all of them signed up for care.
I feel more certain that success will be steady and less of a roller coaster. I can have the practice that I want.
I feel More connected to money  as a reward for my service to humanity.
Our numbers are up and I’m not feeling desperate to take every case. If it’s a fit then great. -xo

Dr Robyn


Ready to activate your MAGIC?


  • take confident action  toward your dreams
  • start letting money come to you EASILY
  • work less but make more ( yes, you can)
  • Feel confident in who you are, your path and your intuition
  • Fully rock your Goddess status
  • Be seen without fear of judgement
  • let your Divine Figure show up, hello HOT STUFF
  • Let your Divine Figure show up, Hello BIG BANK BALANCE
  • Attract ldeal clients like a magnet
  • Have more love in your life
  • look better, feel better, and feel HAPPY?  Joy anyone?  
  • Shine baby shine, have more FUN in life and business 
  • truly feel aligned and manifest like the Magic Maven you are


THE DETAILS: How it works

You pay.

You schedule.

You fill out your prep form.

I send you a link to ZOOM.

You show up.

You get seen, heard, and unblocked.

You leave with confidence, clarity and a new level of empowerment that you have never experienced.

You rock your own world.

You start making MAGIC.  


From the first minute we started talking I loved Jenna’s energy. I had been working on my money blocks for a while and I needed guidance. I found it hard to charge my clients and kept attracting only free ones. Jenna was compassionate and yet straight to the point, opening my eyes to what/how I could change. She planted a seed and less than two weeks later, I received money and a new computer out of the blue, I sold the first video of my online course to 4 people before I even launched it, and I got new coaching clients! Talk about releasing blocks! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

Thanks, Jenna!