Wow. Gobsmacked. My session with Jenna was life-changing. She cracked me open and saw right into my core, my soul, my purpose, my truth. I felt so inspired, joyful and moved after our session, thanks to gaining so much clarity about myself and the workings of my inner spirit. I feel more sure than ever that I am on the right path, which has given me the courage to take huge real world action, and yet I am still able to relax, trust and enjoy the journey!


Working with Jenna has been one of the most profound experiences in self-knowledge I’ve had yet. She helped me to uncover and acknowledg another facet of myself I had been hiding and guided me in weaving it into my work. In fact, the focus of my work has shifted to reflect this change and I’m super-excited to be setting off in that direction. She constantly but gently urges you out of your comfort zone and into inspired action.  Taking responsibility for your own power is scary but ultimately immensely rewarding. There is no going back!


I first had an akashic soul discovery reading with Jenna as I’d been curious about ‘akashic’ for ages and was waiting for the right person that I connected with – and Jenna was it! I knew straight away after we’d been on the phone for a little chat that she was the right person to guide me through that spiritual journey! After the initial reading I decided I wanted to go for it and get coaching with Jenna too – so I did 3 months with her and got amazing results in such a short time really!! Uncovering what my souls’ gifts are helped me get super clear about what direction to take and start some new biz ideas too – AND get clients STRAIGHT AWAY!!! that’s what happens when you work with her it’s like you’ve got a superpower on your side backing you up – so every action you take that’s aligned with your soul purpose – which Jenna outlines for you each week what you need to work on – you get results based on that super clarity and the supportive energy behind it when you step into the scary action zone! I totally recommend Jenna to anyone that is curious and ready to take some big steps forward! Do it! Prita